Made new

Photo by Hüseyin Topcu on Unsplash

Brown eyes gaze riveted by the woman in the mirror.
A sense of marvel beckons her to look closer
as if beholding herself for the first time.
A smile crosses her lips as she is no longer a child
naive to the ways of the world.
Rememberances of sorrows, rejection, inadequacy, defeat,
like distant memories…

Seeing myself with new eyes

Photo by Philipp Potocnik on Unsplash

Call me butterfly, for I have gone through a metamorphosis for change to occur. Unlike the butterfly, my transformation has to do with an internal shift. A change of heart and mind, making my life a journey rather than a race. For me, reentry is the story of my life.

Michele Thomas

I am an educator, writer, and avid reader. I enjoy writing poetry and stories about real-life experiences.

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