Self Awareness

The last four months stretched my faith

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I had one foot in the door to the twenty-first century as far as technology this year. It was not until school started in August that I was dragged kicking and screaming with both feet into the dawn of a new age. On several occasions, if you peered into my window, you would have seen me crying tears of frustration. The pandemic forced teachers and me across the globe to adapt to a new way of teaching. Teaching online is not for the faint of heart.

Learning to use technology was hard for me. Especially tough was using it to teach kindergarten, first, and second grade English language learners. It has been a comedy of errors on my part mingled with laughter at the end of many long days. Who knew that if a kid covered the camera with their mouth, you could see their tonsils up close? This final week before break, I decided to let the students talk for a little while. We discussed birthdays, fun in the snow, and times spent with grandmothers. We also watched short videos and listened to stories on kindness and empathy. It was calming. It’s been a rough time for many of our families. It has been essential to extend grace and help in whatever ways teachers could. …

Lessons Learned

A lesson learned during the pandemic.

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Coffee was my kick-start until it kicked my butt.

I discovered something today. Coffee and the lockdown don't mix well. It was as if this revelation fell right out of the sky. I love coffee and consumed a cup every morning. It was how I kick-started each day. Dark with a rich flavor, mixed with creamer, is how I enjoyed it. Drinking coffee made me feel energized and ready to meet the day head-on. Then in March, the pandemic hit, and everything changed.

Early in the pandemic, everything was cool. By summer, changes in my behavior began to surface. I was becoming increasingly anxious and irritable. At first, I attributed the transition to the isolation associated with the lockdown and the mounting tensions with protests against police violence. …

Life Lessons

Entering 2021 with a thankful heart

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The year 2020 has stretched us beyond what we thought possible. We, as a collective, universal body, have experienced loss in some form or another. In the process, we also have experienced answers to prayers. We learned a lot about ourselves, as well. How much we could endure and how much further we need to grow. If I learned anything in 2020, it is to be grateful. I am fortunate to have the necessities essential to living a comfortable life and lend a helping hand to others. This knowledge brings me to a place of deep humility. …


Michele Thomas

I am an educator, writer, and avid reader. I enjoy writing poetry and stories about real-life experiences.

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