No more crumbs from the table

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

We rose from adversity
To embrace the dawning of a new day
Fraught with blood, sweat, and tears
On all sides burdened, we pressed on
Confident of future glory before our face
With dignity, we ran a determined race
Climbing from the precipice of despair
We marched on with hope and a prayer
No more settling for crumbs off the table
It was time for America to show it was able
To recognize our right to exist
In a country built with our muscle and grit
Now here we are in the year 2021
Politicians try to rob us of the gains we’ve won
But we will not be denied life, liberty…


Made new

Photo by Hüseyin Topcu on Unsplash

Brown eyes gaze riveted by the woman in the mirror.
A sense of marvel beckons her to look closer
as if beholding herself for the first time.
A smile crosses her lips as she is no longer a child
naive to the ways of the world.
Rememberances of sorrows, rejection, inadequacy, defeat,
like distant memories of another life.
Through faith in Christ, inner strength was forged,
shaping who she is today;
A woman who perceives her worth,
undefined by others' opinions, insecurities, and lack.
Casting of untruths, she lives and loves unapologetically,
shining brightly, illuminating darkness all around her. …

Michele Thomas

I am an educator, writer, and avid reader. I enjoy writing poetry and stories about real-life experiences.

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